Open Day at TechHub Bucharest


Friday, May 24, it’s open day at TechHub Bucharest. This means that both the entrepreneurs and the freelancers that want to see how a usual day in the middle of the tech community looks like can come and work from TechHub Bucharest. The attendance of the event is free of charge (but limited to the 50 places available) upon online registration at

TechHub Bucharest has officially joined the global TechHub community of May 9, when the conference hall with a capacity of up to 150 persons seemed too small for the community members that came from all over the country to attend the launch event. In less than two weeks after its launch, more than 50% of the available space is already booked, whereas TechHub becomes the meeting space of the most vibrant local community, bringing together the most important web, technology and entrepreneurship events in Romania.

Friday, May 24, TechHub Bucharest is open for those that would like to experiment the atmosphere of the coolest workspace in town, to meet the team behind the project, and to work for one day next to resident members. The attendance is free, and the 50 places available are given on a first come first serve basis to those that register online at

Friday will start at 10:00 with a guided tour of TechHub Bucharest offered by Daniel Dragomir, CEO. Further on, each of the guests can continue his activity next to resident members and enjoy the cosy start-up atmosphere.

„We decided to host an open day at TechHub Bucharest due to the impressive number of people caught on the waiting list for our launch event. We would like to offer to those interested the possibility to get to know the place and see how a usual day at TechHub looks like. Moreover, these people will meet our resident members and our the TechHub Bucharest team!”, declared Daniel Dragomir, CEO TechHub Bucharest.

About TechHub Bucharest

TechHub Bucharest is located in the heart of the Romanian capital, on 39-41 Nicolae Filipescu Street. The 420 square metres space is divided between 35 permanent offices for residents, 60 co-working places, meeting rooms, as well as an event space that can host up to 150 persons. The TechHub membership also includes preferential access to the events organized by TechHub and the online community.