Meet the teams


Hack Arena

They are developing a web-based programming game in which the players program virtual robots that will fight each other in a simulated environment.


The entertaining recycling game for kids ( :) or bored commuters). Try to throw as much waste into the proper recycling bins, as fast as you can, but beware of the TrashCat! Test your skills or compete against a friend, top the leaderboard, earn points and customize your avatar, add badges, or even change the personality of TrashCat.


TakeCare of Me

Automatic alerts in case of emergencies.



We aid people to adopt a new habit.


Learn in 10

We are a team that is building an online learning platform that teaches skills in videos of 10 minutes.


Social network with marketplace functionality. Posting a product to sell is just as easy as updating your Facebook timeline.


Bucket Shield

Smartphone app that facilitates prototyping by replacing the Raspberry Pi shields with the phone’s sensors.



Fantique is a service that helps you find clothes and accessories that suits your personality.