Bucharest Business Days


The 13th edition of Business Days will take place in Bucharest between the10-11th December 2013 together with a multitude of related events, while its goal is to offer “experience and opportunities to those who want to create values in Romania”, as one can see in the event’s motto. Bucharest Business Days is the fourth and last of the four thematic events organized this year, which will be hosted by the Romanian-American University. More than 800 participants are expected, mostly representatives of the Romanian business life, entrepreneurs, managers and experts.

For the first time in the history of Business Days the problem of education in Romania will be a subject of debate with a special emphasis on the concrete and innovative modalities which could facilitate the implication of the world of business in the revival of the educational system.

“BUSINESS DAYS is a platform for interaction among businessmen from the whole country. By the events organized since now we reached more than 10.000 participants, especially entrepreneurs, managers, experts, consultants and freelancers. After three and a half years and 12 successful events organized in the most significant cities of the country with special influence on a regional or national level, we obtained a global view about the business and entrepreneurial environment in our country which made it possible for us to come to Bucharest in December with an improved version of what the Business Days used to be until now”, declared Laszlo Pacso, coordinator of the project.

With its unique architecture, the event BUSINESS DAYS offers its participants the possibility to assimilate information from five different ways, so that they can obtain a triple gain: inspiration, ideas and potential business partners.

*Conferences – their role is to charge up the participants with positive energy and to offer them ideas by analyzing the tendencies and opportunities for development;

*Workshops – with an aim to develop skills and abilities by change of experiences and interaction. There is a special focus on the practical component, case studies, questions and answer sessions and by these means the participants have the opportunity to expose the problems they meet in order to get some ideas, solutions or even resources helping to solve them.

*Key-note presentations – special sessions held by key-note speakers, centered on topics of maximum importance in what regards the success businesses: excellence in focusing on customers and entrepreneurship – golden rules to obtain performance, innovation and creativity as key factors which make the difference, leadership and efficient management of teams.

* Formal sessions of business networking – with their role to create business opportunities and to identify potential partners or collaborators. The setting of appointments is facilitated by the use of mobile application called meet me, used by the participants interested in matchmaking at the location of the event. The meet me application has been developed by the organizers to search, filter and sort the participants ‘ database by four criteria: field of activity, position, company and name.

* Start-up support – actions dedicated to start-ups, focused on three main directions: testing the business idea, product or service, taking advantage of the presence and feed-backs of the audience; meeting mentors and investors and, finally, promoting the business with the help of presentations shorter than three minutes delivered for the participating entrepreneurs and managers.

In order to apply to this event, we have an early-bird offer until 23:59 of the 24th November 2013, consisting in a special discount of 15% for any event included. The costs of the tickets for each event and the application form can be found here! The BASIC and PREMIUM tickets are considered MULTIPASS giving access to the selected event for more participants with the same badge, but not simultaneously. Students benefit of a 50% discount based on their credit cards, but they can apply for a limited number of seats only.

Amongst the invited speakers of the present edition one can find well-known personalities of the business world, such as Cristian Secosan, Camelia Sucu, Misu Negritoiu, Cornel Marian, Florin Talpes, Gabriella Pacso, Silviu Hotaran, Lorand Soares Szasz, Wargha Enayati, Marius Ghenea, Florentin Banu, Jean Valvis, Madi Radulescu, Sorina Bradea, Amalia Sterescu, Adrian Florea, Ruxandra Bandila, Adrian Cioroianu, Mru Patel, Felix Patrascanu, Felix Daniliuc, Dorin Pena, Bogdan Balaci, Voicu Oprean, Mugur Frunzetti, Marius Stefan,Gabriel Biris, Dragos Anastasiu, Mario Bruhlmann, Cristian Nacu, Mircea Albulescu and many others.